Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI)                                            

The Pointman Leadership Institute provides training and consultancy services to support men and woman in positions of leadership.

PLI was founded in 1994 by Robert Vernon, the retired Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Pointman has been operating in the UK since 1999. Pointman Leadership UK Limited was set up as a charity and a company limited by guarantee in 2009.

Since inception Pointman have delivered training seminars for over 70,000 leaders. The UK Pointman team have contributed to training seminars for over 20,000 leaders.

This site provides information about our services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.


To transform cultures (organisations,

communities and nations) by creating and

supporting inspirational, trustworthy leaders.


To provide ethics training worldwide in character based, principled leadership.